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Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Aizen and his comrades, however a few years during his imprisonment, he escaped and with a new acquired power and resurrected his followers, a new war about to seige
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 Senryaku Asuro

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PostSubject: Senryaku Asuro   Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:23 am

Name: Senryaku Asuro

Nickname/Alias: X, Shadow

Birthday: November 18

Actual Age: 200

Visual Age: 18

Physical Information

Gender: Male

Height: 5 ft 11in

Weight: 61 kg

Appearance: To place pic use:

Senryaku is of a slim yet muscular build and is usually seen in a black loose fitting hooded robe. He normally wears a theatre mak to hide his face [ A white mask that either smiles or frown]. When not wearing the mask he has dull grey eyes. Under the robe Senryaku wears a close fitting suit that allows for stelthy operations

Personal Information

Personality: Sen is a non violent person who prefers to incapacitate opponents instead of kill them. He will usually back away from a fight and will only step up if provoked. When provoked his personality changes and he takes on a cold outward analytical mind that examines the fight from every angle. During a serious fight Senryakus main goal is to dispatch of the enemy as quickly and efficiently as possibe.

Likes: reading
Dislikes: provocation

Family: N/A

Friends: Daemon Spade

Skill Information

Rank: Leutennant

Zanpaktou: Zanpaktou: Rishio & Karu (Shisami Twins)

Rishio - Blow them Away Rishio
Kariu - Blind them Karu

Rise To Power Shisami Twins


The katana does not change size shape or looks. It slowly heats up and automatically bends the light around him [like a mirage] causing it to be exceedingly difficult to see Sen [this is not a special ability]

Special Ability 1#
Benihikō: The katana takes on a reddish glow. When activated the sword is engulfed in flame that can range in color. If the sword is stabbed into the ground [or thrusted down in the air] it causes flames to shoot up resembling pillars, dragons [any shape really].This flame can then be used to encase an opponent. And incinerate their spiritual energy. Senryaku can also travel through these flames to different locations. The flames produce can vary in size from illumination to blazing infernos.
[lasts 4 posts if used for capture]

Special Ability 2#
Shed: The sword is swung and it releases a barrage of flame shaped birds that will track the opponent. And once they are caught they will engulf the opponent. Sen has controll over the flames so they do his will and will not burn unless instructed.
[can track for 7 posts]

The katana stays the same and lets out undetectable sonic pulses that will warn Sen if someone is near.

Scream: After activation Senryaku slides his hand over the blade. And it emits a high pitched sonic screech that has the power to shatter glass, cause internal damage and break bones. This screech is not noticed by the victim until after it stops because the screech is the only thing that keeps the victim standing.
[lasts for 5 posts at full strenght. 10 posts at 1/2 strength]

Senryaku swings his sword and the opponent who has to be in a 20 metre raidius can either fall to the ground, be blown away or have a body part blown off as a result of the sonic waves.
To cause an opponents limb to fall off sonic waves vibrate the portions of the users body destroying tendons and seperating the muscules and tendons. Sen become exauhsted if he uses this power too many times in a day.

[Side note- Kariu offers Senryaku the ability to pick up on sounds that would not be normally recognized & travel quietly, while Rishio allows him to bear high temperatures and cause minor ignition, This can be done even while the swords are in their normal state ]

Specialization: Swordsmanship/Cutting Technique/Art of the Sword (Zanjutsu)
, Shunpo

History:At the age of 16 Senryaku joined a karate academy which was held at his school and became obsessed with being the best in his class. He learnt as much as could in the 2 years of his training before the fateful incident.

The Incident
Leaving the academy Senryaku walked down the street towards home. It was after curfew so the area was reletivly quiet and placid. While he was walking down the road he saw a suspicios car coming down the road. Turning he bagan to sprint into the nearby park. As he realized that these were members of a gang that had been after him since his policeman father had locked up their leader. As he ran through the forest he heard people following him. As he stepped into the clearing he saw upward of 20 people emerge. He realized that they must really want him dead to send 2 platoons. As he managed to fight some of them off he felt the cold metal of a handgun pressed into his temple. Slowly turning he saw first the gun then the man behind it. He began to speak " You dont want to do this. I am the son of a policeman" As he said the last phrase he saw the man smile and move the gun to his knee and pull the trigger. Sen fell to the ground and felt a bullet singe past his neck and then the world faded into black.

Before the Academy
Senryaku grew up with reletivly wealthy parents. His parents never knew why he didn’t speak much Senryaku knew that he had strength but he still wasn’t happy he wanted much more. He was smart and pretty much knew what was good. He wanted to become a shingami to protect others and do for his family.

Entering the academy
When Senryaku was accepted he seemed to become more quiet. During his first week he saw other kids using Kido. This Senryaku took to liking to he wanted to be skilled in using the sword and kido.

During the academy
Senryaku was one of the top 10 students. He knew others would try to be better than him due to his learning of kido but he knew that only using the sword and not using kido would be challenging so he began put his kido training on hold and began to dramatically increase his swordsmanship.This allowed him to fight better by not rellying heavily on kidos as other students did. During classes he hardly spoke even when instructors asked him questions. Right before he left the academy his Zanpaktou was split into two as a result of Bi-Polar disorder. And he found out that he had immense reserve of riatsu which allowed him to continue to train for long after the other students stopped. when he left the academy after the days ended Sen would go to train to become an an assasin learning master in the art of assassination. Even though he would not speek to many people, his instructors realized that he was a prodigy. He learnt to be skillful in staying hidden as he resented human contact. Using Shunpo, he has disabled the opponents without them being able to see him. He also uses this ability to sneak up on opponents.He has started to study all the disciplines of the punishment force including poison. Because of this, over the years he has begun develope a resistance to nearly every poison there is.
Utsusemi (空蝉, Cicada, referencing their molting): Way of Onmitsu, 3rd of the Shihō. It allows for a movement at great, sudden speed, leaving at least one tangible after-image behind. This he learnt after joining the 3rd division.

Trial into his division
Senryaku was was put to the test along with 13 other students for a spot in division 2. He was determined to make it out of the academy one way or another. He took a lot for beating and was put through practical hell but he proved his worthiness and was soon move into gotei 13, 2nd division. That day he was accepted he spoke for the longest that anyone has heard of him. After working extremely hard and almost dying many times Senryaku became a captain after activating the bankai of his shisami twins.
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a rp test will be administered 2 u shortly
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Senryaku Asuro
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