Bleach: Clash of Souls

Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Aizen and his comrades, however a few years during his imprisonment, he escaped and with a new acquired power and resurrected his followers, a new war about to seige
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 Canon Shinigami Registration Template

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Takashi Kyosuke
Takashi Kyosuke

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PostSubject: Canon Shinigami Registration Template   Mon Aug 08, 2011 1:50 pm

Name: (Full name, 1rst and last)

Nickname/Alias: (If any)

Birthday: (Month and Day)

Actual Age:

Visual Age: (what age you appear to be)

Physical Information




Appearance: To place pic use:

(a simple paragraph of 4 or 5 sentences, describing the appearance of your character including hair and eye color or you can simply use a picture.)

Personal Information

Personality: ( a statement describing 5 or more personal traits your character has)

Likes: (If any)

Dislikes: (If any)

Family: (If any)

Friends: (If any)

Skill Information

Squad:(If any)

Rank: (only if your in a squad)

Skill Information

Specialization: permitted at most through registration "2", and can attain anew maximum , but must be attained through training and been approved

Kidou: (if any, and keep in mind your rank)

Hoho's: (if any)


Spiritual appearance: (describe in 4 or more sentences a vivid description of your zanpaktou, or if you can post a picture)




History: (a simple paragraph describing your life until this point in time, remember if you attained your powers like ichigo, then you cant learn Hohos and Kidous without training from another shinigami.)

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Canon Shinigami Registration Template
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