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Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Aizen and his comrades, however a few years during his imprisonment, he escaped and with a new acquired power and resurrected his followers, a new war about to seige
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 Ranpu Ken Kuro

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Sealed Description: * Katana: The term Katana is applied to a standard, hilted, curved Japanese sword with a blade greater than 60cm in length. It is categorized via it's distinct appearance; curved, slender, single-edged blade, a circular or squared guard, and a grip long enough to accommodate two hands.

Zanpaktou Regular State

Release Phrase: Acknowledge Ranpu Ken Kuro


These are zanpakuto that become dual bladed upon their release. Having two blades is considered to be rare amongst zanpakuto and is speculated to be some kind of uniqueness in the wielder's spiritual power.

Elemental Affinity: Light and Darkness (One element for each sword)

Shikai Description:

Shikai Special Ability: Shikai Special Ability: When released, the zankatous have dominion over their elements. The right for light and the left for dark. The light zan can be used to make light forces which affects the opponent's senses and can be condensed to the point where it is able to slash and block. The dark zan can be used to attack opponent's with their own shadows aslong as they are on the ground. It can also manafest shadow like figures and transport the user via shadows or suck them in a black hole. Not only that but like the light zanpaktou, the darkness can be condensed and is able to slash and block.



For Darkness Sword
1. Shadow Travel

The user with the dark zanpaktou in hand can transport himself through shadows or dark areas like doors or portals. He can also use it to open portals for an opponent's attack.

2. Shadow Forces

The user with the dark zanpaktou in hand can create shadow like monsters to battle his opponents. They take form but no actual physical appearance other than that of a black manakin. It is quite hard to defeat them as they would multiply from a slash. The only way to defeat them is by using a large scale attack or blast.

For Light Sword
1. Hidden Lights

The user with the light zanpaktou in hand can emit light from the sword hiding his spiritual pressure while at the same time blocking all the senses of his opponents. This means they are not able to see, or sense his spiritual pressure. It can also be reversed where he uses the light sword to reflect light off him making him invisible.

2. Intense Light Setting

The user with the ligth zanpaktou in hand can increase the temperatures around him aslong as his light is being emitted. Not only that but he can also absorb other light as well as reflect them.

Bankai: Judgment Jouten Kage Mane Engai


Bankai Special Ability: When activated both zanpaktous disappear and form a large black dome. The light zanpaktou turns into small uncountable balls of light except they can only be seen on the inside. Upon entering the dome, the opponent's shadow is white, if it becomes black (whenever the user wants it to) the opponent is no longer able to move or react. Inside the dome, everything is slowed down due to the immense amount of spiritual pressure. The white lights in the black dome once latched unto an opponent acts assort of beascon. Its light lessens and dulls with each post. After this is done, the reiatsu in the dome is compressed to crush everything that the light was on before it loses its light. Only a strong enough spiritual pressure can push back and destroy this power but it can only be done before they lose their shadow.

Techniques: Has a Maximum of three techniques.

1. God's Shadow Control Dome

((This is the technique name for the special ability above))

2. Illusions

The light released from the bankai reigns over the dimensions that surround the opponent and alters them, thus creating this alternate dimension of light. His ability is to use this light to alter another's perceptions, allowing him to make his opponent see what he wants him to see.

3. Blade of Darkness and Light

If the opponent is able to retain their shadow due to their spiritual pressure before they lose it, he can create blades from the light balls and the darkness dome and can use them as projectiles against his opponents before they escape or try to.

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Ranpu Ken Kuro
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