Bleach: Clash of Souls

Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Aizen and his comrades, however a few years during his imprisonment, he escaped and with a new acquired power and resurrected his followers, a new war about to seige
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 Basic Rules

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Takashi Kyosuke
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PostSubject: Basic Rules   Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:44 pm

Basic Rules Of The Forum


1. Guests have to register to post on this forum. To register click the register button at the top of the forum. You can only use two accounts max. and please notify the staff, so they will know what to do.

2. Your user name is the name of the created character, therefore, if you're going to change it notify the staff by PM.

3. Your avatar should resemble your character if you place a picture.

Character Creation

1. All members should read the sub-boards, because they are there to help.

2. The characters background is to be as detailed as possible giving all key information necessary, make it ver detailed

3. Your character must act exactly like you described him/her/it when you submitted the profile, basically be yourself so that your avatar does not look out of character

4. Use original content when creating your avatar

5. If your shinigami belongs to a certain squad, you register them in that area, whether canon or original.

6. Members can register as many characters as they want, however they are permitted to one rank per character, for example if someone created a captain, they cannot do so again, however they can still take a canon captain.

Member Behaviour

1. Harassing other RPers is not allowed or tolerated. If seen or reported, you will be warned and if seen or reported again you will be banned permanently.

2. If a member is not in the forum for two days and he is with another RPer eg. in a fight, that character can be controlled. (control is limited)

3. If you have a complaint please post it in the Arguments area.

4. You must follow the plot and abide by the rules all the time.

5. No racist statements, attacks against sexuality or other groups. You will be warned and a warning placed over your profile. If done again, you will be banned forever.


1. Each IC(in character) post should be at least 5 lines long. We don't want one liners.

2. Please write in 3rd person view. We don't allow 1st person viewed writing.

3. Your post should include your characters actions, thoughts and speech. They should also include what your character feels, hears, smells, tastes and sees. Having these included will help you get more detailed, longer posts. So there is no reason for one liners.

4. When entering a new topic describe where you had entered from, eg John entered the front door.

5. When exiting a topic be sure to use a '[exit]' at the end of your post.

6. You can only be in one topic at a time IC, your character cannot be in more than one place at once. But, here's an exception. Some persons might take days to post, so you'll be allowed to open "filler" threads, so that you may do something else while waiting. More about this below.

7. If an argument starts it must be taken to PM, if the argument still goes on, warnings to bans and expulsion will be carried out.

Allowed Post Content

1. Mature content is allowed to some level on this site. Blood, violence, torture, ect.
Please remember, kids are using this site also.

2. If you have a problem with the content in a thread then simply don't read it. If your in the topic then simply leave.


1. No advertising another site unless its an Affiliation. If affiliating with our site please post an ad of our site somewhere on yours.

2. Your site must not contain any illegal material or it will be removed immediately.

3. Your site should be RP related in nature - if not please specify why you want to affiliate.

4. You have to have picture to represent your site, then you have to post it in your add giving us a link to the button (This is a MUST)

5. When we advertise your site on ours, you have to advertise our site on yours.

6. After all the steps are done,the admin is going to verify your site and if everything is correct, there will be an approved below your

7. To advertise here you must have a character you RP with here and have been posting for no less than 2 weeks. This means your not allowed to post here if you don't have a character posted up. The only exclusion to this rule is if we posted our add on your site first.

Private Threads

1. users using private thread must have their names in description and thread becomes normal after 3 days.

Filler Threads

It will be confusing, you might say. That can be solved with some regulations. There will be one main topic and the rest are extra topics, fillers. You might even write filler on the topic description, to everyone to recognize it. What is not possible in filler topics are:

* Death, no one can die in a filler topic

* No secret abilities to be revealed, to prevent metagaming suspiciouns at the main topic

* Mastering jutsus, your word count won't work toward learning new jutsus.

* Completing missions, you might be on a mission but you can't complete nor finish it in a filler.

With these regulations, it will eliminate the confusion which could come up.
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Basic Rules
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