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Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Aizen and his comrades, however a few years during his imprisonment, he escaped and with a new acquired power and resurrected his followers, a new war about to seige
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 masaki higo

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PostSubject: masaki higo    Wed Aug 10, 2011 2:05 am

Masaki higo

Release Phrase: " infect the world " masaki higo

Class-Type: Kido: poison

Sub-Type: single release

Shikai Description: 

Shikai Special Ability:

 when an opponent is stabbed by masaki higo blade, which is covered with all types of poison, it affects 5 of the 11 body systems which are: Circulatory system, immune system, muscular system, respiratory system and the skeletal system as well as being able to form poison and shoot it out of his sword.

The effects of masaki higo on the 6 different systems stated above are: 
* The circulatory system: slows down the process of pumping blood to and from the body and lungs with the heart by 50% resulting in the persons reaction time cut in half. It lasts for 5 posts.

* The immune system: Slows down the process of the body protecting itself from diseases by 50%. This results in the body being able to resist the poison by half. It lasts for 5 posts.
* Muscular system: paralyzes the body. It lasts for 5 posts.

* Respiratory system: Swells up the air canals making it hard for the person to breathe properly. Due to a lack of air the person falls unconscious after 4 posts.

* Skeletal system: It weakens the bones in the human body making it easier for the bones to broken.

Bankai: kiro masaki higo

Bankai Special Ability: kiro masaki higo appears like a giant parasite which lets out a mixture of poisonous gases namely: rancid, Sarin, Botulinum and anthrax, becuase of this combination of poison it makes finding a cure almost impossible. The zanpakuto releases an invisible or visible gas depending on the user and that when it is contracted either by touch or it being inhaled, the nervous system completely shuts down and after 5 post you die in excruciating pain. The gas being invisible can still be smelt. 

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Takashi Kyosuke
Takashi Kyosuke

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PostSubject: Re: masaki higo    Fri Aug 12, 2011 1:34 pm

the shikai's effects lasting for more than 5 posts makes it appear as a bankai, and fix the part about an opponent dying in 2 posts because of the poison, make that part longer as dying from poison is a gradual phase
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PostSubject: Re: masaki higo    Fri Aug 12, 2011 1:52 pm

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PostSubject: Re: masaki higo    

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masaki higo
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