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Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Aizen and his comrades, however a few years during his imprisonment, he escaped and with a new acquired power and resurrected his followers, a new war about to seige
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 Makaisuzu [Jishin's zan]

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PostSubject: Makaisuzu [Jishin's zan]   Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:13 pm

Sealed Description: * Katana: The term Katana is applied to a standard, hilted, curved Japanese sword with a blade greater than 60cm in length. It is categorized via it's distinct appearance; curved, slender, single-edged blade, a circular or squared guard, and a grip long enough to accommodate two hands.

Release Phrase: Cry Makaisuzu

Class Type:
Unknown: Sound (Vibrations)

Shikai Description:
From its regular state, makaisuzu will grow thicker and an apendage is form to the right side of the zanpaktou. From the hilt is a long rope like structure which is wrapped around the user's hand and at that end are small dagger blades connected. It is around 20 feet long. The sword's state grows 65cm a bit longer than a regular katana and much wider.

Shikai Special Ability: The special ability of makaisuzu is to make sounds using vibrations. In its shikai form it gives Jishin the ability to not only control sound and sound waves, but also vibrations along with its direction and frequency. It also takes away sound from the user so his opponent cannot hear him. It can also be used oppositely and take sound away from anyone else. The vibrations emitted from the sword can also disrupts other opponent's attacks based on what it is. The apendages along with the blade is what channels the vibrations and sounds. A black visible shroud like reiatsu covers his body from head to toe like cloth protecting him.

Limitations: The sound around the user is always taken away while in shikai. This is because the sword is always around the user. If the sword is removed 100 feet from Jishin, then sound will be returned to him.


1. Cry

Makaisuzu's release command is "Cry" (鳴け, nake), which has the automatic effect of projecting a high-pitched tone over a wide area, overloading the hearing of anyone in range and knocking them unconscious. This technique is painless and causes no mental damage to the opponent.

2. Shout

Vibrations from off the sword extend out and creates a vortex of reverberating sound that acts as a shockwave destroying everything within a considerable area of the blast. It also sends out massive sound bursts which are invisible that causes concussive force to reverberate out with crushing power. This occurs from a single swing of his sword.

Limitations: Sound waves end at 1000 feet

*This is for Captains and if only you've achieved Bankai.*

In bankai another apendage is grown from the main blade of the zanpaktou. The rope like structure grows longer to uncountable measures.

Bankai Special Ability: Whan bankai is activated, the vibrations become ferocious and causes quakes in the earth and the air (Like whitebeard). An opponent's ears would begin to bleed and from this they would lose balance due to the sounds and vibrations. With the second apendage grown and its size increased by a few more cm and from 65 to 70cm.

Limitations: The sound from bankai can extend to a max of 10000feet (1 mile) when at full power. When in regular bankai its range is 5000 feet



As its activated, a single swing of the sword causes earthquakes in the land and earth. The vibrations are able to deflect almost any attack. Vibrations emit from the user and the sword making a sphere like object around them. To someone else it seems like faint winds moving in circles around him but if something were to enter through it, it would snap and be broken to microscopic pieces from such violent vibrations.

2. Shatter

This technique produces a certain frequency to which no human or animal can hear. Its basically inaudible and when activated the sound and vibrations affect the mind causing brain to stop transmitting messages to other parts of the body. The opponent then loses awareness and any control of his mind or body. They would not realize it unless the technique is broken by the user.

3. Decieve

An eerie sound is emitted from the zanpaktou and when heard by the user, they fall under his control. With this technique the user can control the opponent in order to attack other people or kill themselves. This only lasts for 3 posts

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Makaisuzu [Jishin's zan]
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