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Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Aizen and his comrades, however a few years during his imprisonment, he escaped and with a new acquired power and resurrected his followers, a new war about to seige
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 Dooreru Urotazu

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PostSubject: Dooreru Urotazu   Mon Aug 15, 2011 1:00 am

Name: Dooreru Urotazu

Nickname/Alias: Uro

Birthday: Sept

Actual Age: 714 years 11 months

Visual Age: 31

Physical Information

Gender: Male

Height: 5''11'

Weight: 177 lbs

Appearance: To place pic use:

Mask Appearance: Unlike normal vizard masks, Uro's mask is mainly black, instead of white, with a white slash mark going through each eye from the top of the mask to a few centimeters away from the chin. On his mask, there is no mouth, but a blue line goes through both white lines at that are of the mask. The mask's shape is that of a human skull. There is a slit in the mask where the nose should be.

Personal Information

Personality: Uro is a quiet person almost all the time, and is usually found practicing his techniques, as he believes that practice induces improvement in the field. He is can sometimes be found listening to the problems of women though, as they find him to be a calming person who they can convey their secrets and problems. He also is very secretive, and will keep all information he finds/overhears to himself unless it's necessary to inform others of his findings. He is also said to be a womanizer, though he doesn't look it, and is very popular with women.

Likes: Practicing, Listening to others' problems.

Dislikes: None

Family: Amelia Urotazu (sister)

Friends: Numerous females

Skill Information

Rank: 3rd seat Squad 2

Shinigami Arts, and Bakudou


Soul Society Arc
Uro was born to a Vizard, and a normal human being, but died shortly after age 3, along with his twin sister Amelia, as their father had numerous enemies, whom decided to take away something that would pain him for the rest of his life. Uro, grew up in the soul society, roughing it out, along with a few friends he had met on the way. For some reason, his body would adapt to the harshness of life, no matter how bad it got, making it easier for him to live amongst the poverty stricken people of the land. In order for him and his friends to remove some of the strife from their lives, they joined the Shinigami academy, as they knew they would be taken care of.

Academy arc
When they joined the academy, they trained vigorously to become new shinigami, and move onto a squad. They trained from days, but nothing too serious, until one day, they were on a mission, and out of the 16 of them that joined, only 4 survived. Uro interpreted this, as he wasn't ready, and he needed to practice his skills. Using this as his drive, he continuously practiced, but left time for his sister, whom he met in the Shinigami Academy. Together, they both excelled in the shinigami arts, but, she was an adept user of Kidou, while he of Bakudou. Due to his obedience, and skill, he was accepted into Squad 2 while his sister, who rathered research, was sent to the 12th squad.

Shinigami Arc
Acting as part of the Stealth squad, he was sent on numerous dangerous missions, after which, before he reported in for injuries, he practiced for hours, up to the point of near death. After he would practice, he would go to meet his friends, and slowly, he was noticed by the females in both his, and other squads. On a daily basis, he would practice after missions, go to meet his friends, then spend the rest of the time he could with his sister, of whom many were jealous. Through his training, he was acknowledged, and promoted to 3rd seat.

Vizard/Arrancar Arc
While on mission, Uro had been in an unintentional battle with a vasto lord, who had been nearby the site of their mission to gather data, on which his sister was assigned. Unluckily for him, at the time, Aizen, who wasn't that far off, had used the hougyoku to transform numerous shinigami into vizards, and as both Uro and the vasto lord came into physical contact, combined them into one body. Uro, for sometime had control, in which time his sister took a sample of him, and took it back to the Sereitei, in order to try to find a way to separate them. Uro left the soul society, and made his way into Hueco Mundo, trying to fight what he had now become. After years of fighting, his body adapted to the transformation, and soon he realized that both his mind and the Vasto lord's (Byronn) had become one, with memories and knowledge of both lives. In Hueco Mundo, he continued to practice his skills for years, until he had mastered Shunko, Cicada and Senka. Soon, he discovered his other half's Arrancar abilities, which included Cero Oscuras and Gemelos SonĂ­do only. These abilities only showed themselves whenever he donned his mask. When he returned to the soul society, after numerous years, he found that a double had taken his place. He secretly followed the double, avoiding detection, only to notice that the double was signaling him. After a while, they secretly met, and the double and found out that it was created by his sister, in order to hide the fact that he had disappeared. After returning to his rightful position, he informed his Captain of the incident. This once, she overlooked the situation, on a deal that he would report to the 12th squad after meeting with her. As he was on his way to the 12th squad's area, he was met by his sister, who told him, that she had already turned in his double to the 12th Squad Captain, as it had almost the exact same DNA as him, the only difference being that it was a more diluted strain than his own. With this, Amelia departed from the 12th Squad, and joined the 4th squad, as she knew this is where she would she him the most often after missions. Uro still remained silent, but was so ever talkative, and was always in some conversation. Soon after, he became a Bakudou master, learning multiple Bakudou throughout the years as well as a master of the Shinigami arts.

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Dooreru Urotazu
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